Narrow and Wide Shoes

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Brown Suede Bootie with Rose Gold Heel 


It's not easy having feet that are anything but a standard size, if you have wide feet or narrow feet, you know what I'm talking about! This is one of the many reasons we created Milk & Honey, so people who need wide shoes or narrow shoes can find them. And we're not just talking about any shoes; you can design your own shoes so you can finally have your perfect pair of shoes in the width that you need! No more endless searching through stores and websites for shoes only to find that one you love doesn't come in a wide or narrow. In just a few clicks, you can design the shoes you want and order them in the width you need.

orange patent leather cut outs platform pump with t-strap


Milk & Honey offers numerous classic and on- trend shoe elements that you can combine any way you like to create your perfect shoe. We consistently update our material selection with different colors, leathers, fabrics and patterns. You can choose from lambskin and kid leather, patent leather, croc, snakeskin, pressed snakeskin, pony, silk, plaid and tweed wool, patterned cotton blend and others. All you have to do is select the elements you love to create your perfect shoe.  Whether it's a unique sandal, a pump you customize with a big bow, or fun, colorful flats -- the design will be uniquely yours.  Finally, you choose you size and then your preference of wide shoe or a narrow shoe to make it perfect for you. 

red and white polka dot platform sandals


Milk & Honey places great emphasis on the quality of our shoes. We line all of our narrow shoes and wide shoes in lambskin or kid leather (both are super soft)  for extra comfort. For the uppers (the top of your shoe) we offer not only a wide variety of materials, but each one is sourced by someone on our team to ensure that the quality meets a very high standard. It is important to us that you are proud to wear your Milk & Honeys and will for years to come. We also use soft leather soles, the true mark of a quality custom designed shoes, on all of our wide and narrow shoes.  They are also flexible and breathable so your shoes will be more comfortable and last longer. 


zebra pony flats with purple trim and side bow

Once you place your order for wide shoes or narrow shoes, we send it off to our cobblers so they can hand craft your perfect shoes. Each pair is custom made to your specifications so they take a little longer to receive than regular shoes you order online, but it's definitely worth the wait! The process takes about six weeks, and then we ship them right to your doorstep. What used to take ages of trekking around from store to store and lots of website searching while you were supposed to be working, now only takes a few minutes. Milk & Honey's custom made shoes not only save you time, but you no longer have to settle for merely adequate shoes, you can have your perfect shoes.


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