What Size Shoes Do Newborns Wear?

Newborn babies typically do not wear shoes as they do not yet walk or even stand. However, some parents may choose to put soft-soled booties or socks on their newborn’s feet for warmth and protection.

When it comes to selecting shoes for infants, it’s important to choose footwear that is appropriate for their developmental stage. For newborns, soft, flexible booties or socks made from breathable, natural fibers such as cotton or wool are generally recommended. These types of booties or socks provide warmth and protection without restricting the baby’s movements or interfering with their natural development.

It’s also important to select booties or socks that fit well and are easy to put on and take off. Look for options with adjustable closures or elasticized cuffs that provide a secure but comfortable fit. Avoid shoes or booties with thick, rigid soles or high heels, as these can be difficult and uncomfortable for a baby to wear.

When it comes to sizing, it’s best to measure the baby’s feet regularly to ensure the best fit. One way to do this is to trace the baby’s foot on a piece of paper and measure the length from the heel to the tip of the longest toe. Use this measurement to consult the sizing chart provided by the manufacturer of the booties or socks to select the appropriate size.

Overall, while newborns typically do not wear shoes, choosing soft, flexible booties or socks made from natural fibers can provide warmth and protection for their feet. With the right fit and comfort, booties or socks can help support the natural development of a newborn’s feet as they grow and develop.

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