blue with bow






"The shoes were wonderful! They were exactly what I wanted, and the color matched right on."

-Marci R., wedding date 8.15.12






 white flats




"I LOVED my shoes and working with Dorian Howard in the process made is so much easier-she was absolutely fabulous."

-Ana D., wedding date 8.13.12





 blue bow


"My shoes were absolutely beautiful and I loved wearing them! They received so many compliments, thank you so much for making these beuties for my special day! I cannot wait to find another occasion to wear them!"

-Victoria M., wedding date 8.9.12

 white satin





"I received my shoes for my wedding and I'm so happy with them! Thanks! I'm going to order more from you!"

-Petra E., wedding date 8.5.12





Aqua, silk with gold




"The shoes look fantastic, exactly what I had in mind and the colors are stunning and match to the wedding color scheme."

-Alexia B., wedding date 7.12.12




 Gloria Stuppler

"My shoes arrived and they are beautiful and comfy. I feel like a celebrity having shoes made just for me!"

-Gloria S., 7.11.12


 "I just got my shoes! They are beautiful and they fit perfectly! Thank you so much!"

-Rena W., 7.3.12


 "They (the shoes) are just divine! What fun! I feel like I'm a shoe designer, many thanks!"

-Margo H., 7.2.12


"My wedding shoes arrived safe and sound in Germany. They are really amazing! Thank you for this perfect pair of shoes and your patience! I will send you photos and order more and more and more of your lovey shoes!"

-Christiane M., wedding date 7.28.12

White silk wedidng shoes

 "My shoes were great with my dress and perfect to wear in the garden I got married in!"

-Suzanne W., 6.30.12

 Tartan plaid special order

 "I received my shoes today. They are FANTASTIC! Thank you so much!"

-Christal B., 6.21.12

"Hi, I just got my shoes and absolutely LOVE THEM!!! Thank you, thank you! They are beautifully made and well worth the wait, just in time for the wedding!"

-Faye S., 6.12.12


"Hi! I just received my wedding shoes and they are BEYOND what I expected.  The color, the material, the fit, everything is absolutely perfect! The experience has been very rewarding; from the online support with my doubts to the arrival of my shoes just in time or my dress fitting. I can't wait to show them off at my wedding!! Thank you very much!!!!"

-Isamar R., 5.31.12


 "I just want to say a very big THANK YOU for remaking both pairs.  They are now both perfect and I won't be afraid to buy now that I know that sizing is based on style.  I am thrilled with both shoes, they are beautiful!"

-Anna M., 5.27.12

 Blue flats

"I just wanted to send you guys a quick note to thank you for the shoes you made for my wedding.  I got a lot of compliments on them and I couldn't have asked for a better pair of shoes.  Your website was so easy to use & the IM feature came in extremely handy (and was also surprisingly easy to use)."

-Katie G., 5.23.12

 Purple glitter shoes

"The shoes I designed with you were a huge success at I my wedding. Beautiful and comfortable!"

-Kate W., 5.14.12

 Hot Pink Satin with a big bow

"I love love love my shoes!!!! They are the perfect fit. And I
absolutely love them!!!"

-Meigan W., 5.2.12

 Blue peep toe flats
"My shoes just arrived and I cannot tell you how thrilled I am! The fit is perfect and they are soooo comfortable! And thank you for the complimentary pads and shoe bag!"
-Katarina R., 4.30.12
Red Pantent with dots and a bow 

"They are amazing!!! <3 them =) Couldnt be happier!"

-Dijana I., 4.12.12

Dark Brown Leather Pump

"Thank you so much...I love the latest pair of shoes!"
"All I have to do now is to work out which of the shoes I should get next!"

-Julie R., 3.27.12

Pale Pink Patent Peep Toe

 "Just received my first pair of shoes from you and they are wonderful! I wear a 42, so finding a shoe that fits properly can be a real problem. This shoe fits my foot perfectly, (A Cinderella moment when I usually feel like the step-sister). I also really appreciate the option of selecting my heel height. Although the current sky high heels are lovely, I am not a 5' nothing actress. I am 5'10" and, (like all ladies), love a heel. 6'3" is great for playing a little b-ball, but not as much fun at a cocktail party. These shoes were worth waiting for and will not be my last."
Thank You!!!!!

-Cassie G., 3.20.12

Gold glitter shoes 

"I absolutely LOVE my wedding shoes! Thank you for rushing them for me!"

-Ely A., 7.12.12

Amy Chapman

"I just wanted to thank you for my beautiful wedding shoes!"

-Amy C., 12.9.11

Rachel Fingerote

"I want to let you know I had my first dress fitting yesterday and the shoes match perfectly!  Thank you so much for your great customer service  I really appreciate it."

-Rachel F., 1.19.12

Eileen Laukotter

"I´m the bride with the two different shoe sizes. You made my bridal shoes in August and they fit PERFECT! We had a unbelievable wedding and you had been a part of it. Since I was a child a dreamed of wearing red shoes on my wedding and you made my childhood dream come true. I wore them 14 hours and felt very comfortable."

-Eileen L., wedding date 9.10.11

Hannah Massimore

 "I am OBSESSED with the shoes OMG! Thanks so much!"

-Hannah M., 3.6.12

Kristin Graholm

"My wedding was wonderful and the shoes were gorgeous! "

-Kristin G., wedding date: 9.24.11

Sophie Turner

"My shoes have just arrived! I am absolutely THRILLED with them!!! They are absolutely beautiful and precisely what i wanted! Thank you so much!!!" 

-Sophie T., 3.19.12


"I wanted to share with you the photos of my beautiful shoes.  The last one I thought was a wonderful example of how incredibly comfortable they were.  Not only were they a lovely "something blue" accessory, but I didn't have to take them off once ALL night.  Thanks to you and your team for working with me on them."

-Sandy, wedding date:  9.10.11


" Our wedding was magical! My shoes were perfectly amazing and matched the day to a tee.  Thank you for making my shoes...every time I wear them out I will be reminded of the best day of my life."

-Maci B., wedding date: 10.29.11

"I just received them today. I love them!  They are everything I hoped they would be and they fit perfectly. I have 3 other on order. I can't wait to get them.  I think a gift card is going to make a great Christmas present for daughter!"
-Iris F., 11.21.11

"I got them today and wore them all day! They're exactly what I wanted."

-Holly M., 11.21.11


"Got my shoes yesterday! They're perfect :)"

-Jenivi M, wedding date:  1.17.11


"Okay, I got my new shoes today! And I LOVE them!!  They're just much cuter than I had envisioned in my mind and SO comfortable!  In fact, I realized I was running late and had to get Harper so I decided to walk all the way in them to get her at school  (nearly 2 miles) - perfection!"

-Heather H., 11.17.11


 "Attached please find a few photos of the fabulous Milk & Honey shoes I wore on my wedding day… I got more compliments on them than I did on my wedding dress!  An added bonus was that I felt like I was wearing slippers all day…. They were on from 11 AM to 11 PM and I could’ve kept going! Thanks so much!!"

- Maureen L., wedding date:  9.10.11


"I put them on last night and I cannot believe how amazingly comfy they are!  Wow!!  They're GORGEOUS!  That teal heel is super eye-catching, and the pop is perfect.  I am in love with them!  Thanks for making my shoe dream come true!  You guys are shoe fairies!  Again, THANK YOU!  They're absolutely perfect!"

-Lindsay, wedding date:  8.20.11



 "THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!  They're BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!"

-Giti B., wedding date: 11.20.11


 "These shoes are a keeper. They fit like a dream and I think the color will be a great match for the dress. Thank you so much!"

-Annmarie P., wedding date: 12.3.11


"Just wanted to say Thank You so much for my gorgeous wedding shoes.
Thank you for making it so easy to custom make my creation and bringing it
to life for me. The quality is amazing and the service was wonderful.
I absolutely loved the experience and cannot wait to design my next pair. I
will most definitely be recommending milk & honey shoes to my family and

-Joanne L., 11.6.11


"One of my favorite pics from my wedding with my milk & honey shoes - everyone FREAKED out about them!!!!!"

-Deb B., wedding date: 10.1.11 


"I got the shoes and they are absolutely faaabbbuuulllooouuusss!!!! Thank you so much!!!"

-Manon B., 10.31.11


"Just writing to share my happines with my milk & honey purchase.  The wedding shoes I customized with assistance from your team on color and fabric turned into the perfect design to match our wedding vibe  And - I comfortably wore them all night long (yay!).  Many thanks for the excellent customers service and quality product."

-Kristen C., 10.10.11



"We got the shoes and my wife loves them. Perfect fit too."

-Eric K., Maryland 9.23.11 

"They are absolutely perfect!"

-Hannah B., wedding date: 6.25.11, photo by Meyer Photography 


"Thank you for all your help, they are my favorite shoes ever!"

-Lesley J., wedding date: 8.2.11 


"Yay! My shoes arrived today and they went on like a glove! So divine!"

-Emma M., wedding date: 9.24.11


"I love them!! Thanks again!"

-Maureen L., wedding date: 9.10.11 

"I'm loving my new personally designed milk & honey shoes!!  The bow makes them feel like a present for my feet!"

-Angela H.,, 7.29.11 

"Thank you so much for my shoes!  They were fantastic and were perfect with my wedding dress!  I loved them!!  Thank you again!!"


-Cyndi M.,  Connecticut


"I just got my shoes, and I absolutely love them!!!  Thank you so much for everything, and for putting up with me!  They are going to look awesome on my wedding day."


-Natalie C., New York, getting married 9.10.11


"Shoes arrived today!  LOVE them!!  Thank you so much for the fantastic service.  I will be recommending you to Australia.  Can't wait to design my next pair."


-Joanna L,  Australia, 6.21.11


"I am so happy!  I get to wear my dream shoes!  Thank you so much for making my dream come true!  I will send pictures after the wedding!"


-Amy M. wedding date:  June 15th

"Thank you so much for your impeccable customer service."


-Katie M., wedding date:  June 18th 

"The shoes are so beautiful, thanks a million!  And the size is great as well..."


-Saskia P., Monaco, 6.13.11

"I love shoes!  So when I came upon this site I was in HEAVEN!!!  Being able to cusotm design a shoe made especially for me?  How could i NOT!!!!!  I designed a pair of flats in Tiffany Blue silk.  Now since I live in Germany, they could not ship to my APO, but without any additional charge, they sent to my German addres.  How cool was that?  And when i got them, they fit so well and they were SUPER comfortable.  LOVE THEM!!!!!  Will definitely be ordering again!"


-Erika T., 6/7/11 

"I custom ordered a pair of 5" pumps from Milk & Honey & could not have been more pleased with the outcome. I wanted them more custom than the site allowed so I called & much to my surprise I reached Dori the owner who chatted with me & never was in a hurry even though I know she was very busy. So if you don't see something on the site call them, for instance I got my .5 platform hidden inside my shoe. You can see my gorgeous Purrple Passion Glitter Shoe on their facebook page."


-PurrplePam, Texas 

"I just wanted to thank you so much for your help with my 3 pairs of shoes... I just received the last pair, "No Place Like Home", and couldn't be happier!  They are absolutely gorgeous!  The fit and heel height is perfect, as it is the the nude and studded peeptoes.  I will definitely be ordering again soon.  Thanks again!"


-Jennifer A., Washington, DC, 6.1.11 

"I just got my shoes in the mail and I wanted to tell you how wonderful they look!  They fit perfectly and I am breaking them in around the kitchen as we speak :). "


-Sandy M., getting married 9.24.11 

"This is the second m&h gift card I'm giving her (by her request). She loves the first pair she got -- and everyone loves how she designed them herself!"


-Marvin P, 5.7.11 

"I just got [my shoes] and they are so, so, so perfect.  I tried them on with my dress and the whole ensemble and they are just perfect and totally comfy.  I can't wait to have wedding pictures with them to show you.  They are totally vintage looking but without that sort of icky, who has been wearing these sort of vibe that scares me off vintage shoes.  Perfect!  Thank you again, you were really fantastic from start to finish."


-Tia V, getting married 6.26.11 

"LOVE my custom @milkhoneyshoes that arrived this morning!  Can't wait to wear them this weekend!!  Better than I even expected!"


-Bridget C, via twitter

"OH MY GOD I am so in love with my shoes.  Thank you SO much for all your help -- I am so beyond excited about them -- and got the major stamp of approval from the GBF (gay best friend).  LOVE them.... Thanks again, I'm telling anyone who will listen about the site -- beyond amazing, can't say enough!"


-Deb B.,

"I am beyond ecastatic!  They are gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous and comfortable!!!  Honestly, I can't tell you how spectacular your product is and I am looking forward to creating more shoes :)  Thank you so much for all your help and I will be sure to tell everyone I know about you guys."


-Michelle C., Miami

"Just wanted to let you know how happy I am with these shoes.  I have just finished my third business trip with the shoes (4 shoes, 6 airports) and I have received 28 compliments from strangers!  I am telling all of them about milk & honey!"

-Julie H.,  Boston, 4.29.11

"My fiance has been laughing at me all day, because I keep telling him that he thought his fancy new shiny Jordan's were cool, they aren't nearly as cool as my shoes ;)" 


-Alicia S., getting married 9.24.11 

"I received my shoes and i LOVE them!!!  They were more comfortable than expected and fit like a glove!"


-Katie M., NJ, getting married 6.18.11

"The two pairs I have receive are just wonderful.  And they are blissfullly comfortable!!  They are still comfortable even after a long day.  Thank you so much.

 -Faith S., NYC, 4.25.11 

"I just got my shoes!  Thank you!  They are beautiful!!  Now of course I'm thinking about my next pair..." 


-Olivia B., 5.11.11

"Got my new shoes a couple weeks ago and they fit great!!!! ... Wow, hot!  I can't wait to take a picture of me, my legs, my shoes and my pitbull with the matching collar."


-Kiki, NYC 

"My adorable shoes arrived today -- and coincendentally, I'm wearing the perfect outfit for them!  They execute the bow perfectly.  Really happy with the way they turned out - THANK YOU!  


-Lauren S., publicist, Los Angeles 

"I just took off my gorgeous shoes after wearing them for 12 hours!  Seriously -- since 8am.  They were AMAZING!!  Not a pinch, blister or hint of discomfort anywhere!  LOVE THEM!!"  


-Angel C., ad exec, Los Angeles

"I hate shopping but love buying my mom great gifts for mother’s day -- I was excited to be able to go online and buy her a gift certificate to design her own shoes.  It was a unique gift and she had a really fun time designing them."


-Topher Grace, actor, Los Angeles 

"They are awesome and fit perfectly!!  Great Job.  Will spread the word."  


-Kiya T., designer, Pittsburgh 


“I’m still wearing my shoes, they’re that comfortable!”  
-Melissa S., Los Angeles –sent 1:39am on her wedding night


"The shoes came yesterday. I love them and they fit perfectly. Unfortunately they are for my daughter!!!  Might have to ordera pair for myself. They really are gorgeous and she will love them.  Thank you so much and hopefully we will do business again soon."  


-Cathy C. 

"I came back from a trip and waiting were my new custom shoes. They are beautiful (my husband even noticed). I did not know what to expect (I have high expectations) and sometimes disappointed with orders. Not this time. I just placed another order for two more pairs. Thank you."  


 -Antonia R., New York City