Are you looking to buy Nike shoes at discounted wholesale prices? With the rising costs of living, finding ways to save money on must-have items like stylish sneakers is a priority for many. The good news is there are several effective methods you can use to find cheap Nike shoes in bulk quantities.

Read on as we explore your options for scoring budget-friendly Nike footwear.

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick answer to your question: Shop clearance sales on Nike’s website, check sites like eBay for wholesale lots, and search for Nike shoes on discount retail sites to find the lowest prices on cheap Nike shoes in bulk.

Check Nike’s Website for Sales and Discounts

When it comes to finding cheap Nike shoes wholesale, one of the first places to check is the official Nike website. Nike often offers sales and discounts on their products, allowing you to get great deals on your favorite Nike shoes.

Here are some tips on how to find the best deals on Nike shoes on their website:

Sign up for Nike emails and texts to get notified of sales

One way to stay updated on the latest sales and discounts is by signing up for Nike’s emails and texts. By doing so, you’ll receive notifications about upcoming sales, exclusive offers, and even early access to special promotions.

This is a great way to ensure that you don’t miss out on any opportunities to grab cheap Nike shoes wholesale.

Browse the sale section for deals on clearance items

Another strategy to find cheap Nike shoes wholesale on Nike’s website is by browsing their sale section. The sale section is where you can find clearance items and discounted shoes. You’ll often find a wide selection of Nike shoes at significantly reduced prices.

Keep an eye out for seasonal sales, holiday promotions, and limited-time offers to get the best deals.

Check for discounts offered to students and military members

Nike also offers special discounts to specific groups of people, such as students and military members. If you fall into one of these categories, be sure to take advantage of the discounts available to you.

Students can often get discounted prices by verifying their student status through a student discount program, while military members can enjoy special discounts as a token of appreciation for their service.

Don’t forget to check the terms and conditions to ensure your eligibility for these discounts.

By following these tips and regularly checking Nike’s website for sales and discounts, you can find cheap Nike shoes wholesale and save money on your next pair of sneakers. Happy shopping!

Look for Wholesale Lots on Auction Sites

If you’re on the hunt for cheap Nike shoes in bulk, auction sites can be a treasure trove. One popular option is eBay, where you can find sellers offering wholesale lots of Nike shoes at discounted prices.

These lots often include a variety of sizes, styles, and colors, giving you a great selection to choose from. By purchasing in bulk, you can enjoy significant savings compared to buying individual pairs. So, why not take a look at what eBay has to offer?

You might just find the perfect wholesale deal for your Nike shoe collection! 😊

Search eBay for bulk and wholesale Nike shoes

eBay is a fantastic platform for finding wholesale Nike shoes. Sellers from all over the world offer a wide range of options, including bulk lots of Nike shoes. To find these deals, simply head to eBay’s search bar and type in relevant keywords such as “wholesale Nike shoes” or “bulk Nike shoes.”

Don’t forget to use filters to narrow down your search based on price, condition, and seller location. By exploring different listings and comparing prices, you can find the best deal that suits your budget and needs. 👍

Check liquidation sites like

Another great option for finding cheap Nike shoes in wholesale quantities is to check out liquidation sites such as These sites often feature surplus and overstock items, including Nike shoes, at deeply discounted prices.

While the selection may vary, you never know what hidden gems you might stumble upon. So, why not give these liquidation sites a chance? You might be pleasantly surprised by the amazing deals you can find! 😍

Set email alerts to get notified when wholesale lots are posted

One handy trick to stay updated on the latest wholesale deals for Nike shoes is to set up email alerts on auction sites. eBay, for example, allows you to create alerts based on specific search criteria. This way, you’ll receive notifications whenever new wholesale lots of Nike shoes are posted.

By being among the first to know, you’ll have a better chance of grabbing the best deals before others. So, don’t miss out on this opportunity to score cheap Nike shoes in wholesale quantities! 🎉

Compare Prices at Discount Retailers

Check outlet stores like Ross, Marshalls and TJ Maxx

When looking for cheap Nike shoes wholesale, one of the best places to start is at outlet stores like Ross, Marshalls, and TJ Maxx. These stores often carry a variety of name-brand shoes at discounted prices.

Nike shoes are no exception, and you can often find great deals on last season’s styles or overstocked inventory. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t find exactly what you’re looking for right away – these stores often have a rotating selection, so be sure to check back regularly for new arrivals.

Search discount websites like 6pm and ShoeBuy for deals

If you prefer the convenience of online shopping, discount websites like 6pm and ShoeBuy can be a treasure trove of cheap Nike shoes. These websites offer a wide range of discounted shoes from various brands, including Nike.

You can often find deals on both older and newer styles, making it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for. Plus, you can compare prices and read customer reviews to ensure you’re getting the best deal possible.

Sign up for discounts from retailers like Foot Locker and Champs

Another way to find cheap Nike shoes wholesale is by signing up for discounts from retailers like Foot Locker and Champs. These stores often have exclusive offers and promotions for their loyal customers, including discounts on popular brands like Nike.

By joining their mailing lists or downloading their mobile apps, you can stay informed about upcoming sales and special promotions. This can be a great way to snag a pair of Nike shoes at a fraction of the original price.

Buy at the End of Seasons for Clearance Sales

If you’re looking to find cheap Nike shoes wholesale, one of the best strategies is to buy at the end of seasons when clearance sales are happening. This is the time when retailers need to make space for new inventory, and they often offer significant discounts on their existing stock.

By taking advantage of these clearance sales, you can get your hands on Nike shoes at a fraction of their original price. Here are some tips on how to make the most of these sales:

Look for clearance deals in winter and summer

During the winter and summer seasons, many stores offer clearance sales to make room for the new collections that are coming in. This is the perfect time to find cheap Nike shoes wholesale. Keep an eye out for advertisements or visit the websites of your favorite stores to stay updated on their clearance sale dates.

You might be pleasantly surprised by the deals you can find!

Shop after new product launches when old stock is discounted

When Nike launches new product lines, retailers often reduce the prices of the older models to make room for the new ones. This presents an excellent opportunity to find cheap Nike shoes wholesale. Make sure to follow Nike’s release schedule and keep an eye out for discounts on the older models.

You might be able to snag a pair of high-quality Nike shoes at a bargain price!

Ask local stores when they schedule seasonal clearance sales

If you have some favorite local stores where you usually buy Nike shoes, it’s worth asking them directly when they schedule their seasonal clearance sales. Store managers or employees might be able to provide you with insider information about upcoming sales or even offer you exclusive discounts.

Building a good relationship with the store staff can be incredibly beneficial when trying to find cheap Nike shoes wholesale.

Be Flexible on Color and Style Choices

When looking for cheap Nike shoes wholesale, one of the key strategies is to be flexible with your color and style choices. Often, popular colorways and trendy styles come with higher price tags. By being open to different colors and styles, you can increase your chances of finding discounted options.

Buy unpopular colorways that may get discounted

Unpopular colorways of Nike shoes often get discounted to clear out inventory. While these color combinations may not be the most sought after, they can still offer the same quality and performance as the more popular ones. Plus, you might just discover a unique pair that stands out from the crowd.

Don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone and give these colorways a chance. Who knows, you might end up loving them!

Consider older models from past seasons

Another way to find cheap Nike shoes wholesale is by considering older models from past seasons. As new models are released, older ones tend to go on sale or get discounted. While they may not have the latest technology or design features, they can still provide excellent comfort and performance.

Plus, you might even find a hidden gem from a previous collection that suits your style perfectly.

Look for basic styles like Air Force 1s that often go on sale

Basic styles like Air Force 1s are known for their timeless appeal and versatility. These classic Nike shoes often go on sale or get discounted, making them a great option for those looking for cheap wholesale deals.

Whether you’re a sneakerhead or simply someone who appreciates a clean and iconic design, Air Force 1s are a reliable choice that won’t break the bank.

Remember, being flexible with your color and style choices can open up a world of possibilities when searching for cheap Nike shoes wholesale. Don’t limit yourself to popular options and be open to exploring different colorways and older models.

By doing so, you can find great deals and still rock a pair of stylish and high-quality Nike shoes.


Finding cheap Nike shoes for discount wholesale prices just takes a little bit of work and flexibility. Check Nike’s website, auction sites, discount retailers and be willing to shop off-season colors and styles.

With the right strategy, you can score budget-friendly deals on Nike sneakers in bulk quantities.

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