Leggings paired with ankle boots is a chic fall and winter look that both dresses up basic leggings and adds versatility to ankle boots. If you’re wondering how to pull off this combination that’s equal parts comfortable and stylish, you’ve come to the right place.

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick answer: Wear opaque, dark-colored leggings with ankle boots in leather or suede for a polished vibe. Balance the slimness of leggings with a tunic-length or oversized top.

Add layers like a jacket or cardigan and finish with accessories like scarves or jewelry for a complete outfit.

Choosing Flattering Leggings

When it comes to wearing leggings with ankle boots, selecting the right pair of leggings can make all the difference in achieving a stylish and flattering look. Here are some tips to help you choose the most flattering leggings:

Opt for opaque, thick leggings

Opaque and thick leggings are a great choice when wearing ankle boots, as they provide coverage and support. These leggings offer a sleek and polished appearance, ensuring that you feel confident and comfortable.

Additionally, thicker leggings tend to be more durable, making them a long-lasting investment for your wardrobe.

Dark colors are most versatile

When it comes to versatility, dark-colored leggings are your best bet. Black, navy, and dark gray leggings can easily be paired with a variety of ankle boots, allowing you to create multiple stylish outfits.

These hues are also known for their slimming effect, making them a flattering choice for any body type.

Consider leggings with ankle zips

Leggings with ankle zips add an extra touch of style and versatility to your outfit. These zippers not only enhance the overall look but also allow you to adjust the fit of the leggings around your ankle boots.

Whether you prefer a snug fit or a looser look, ankle zips provide flexibility and customization.

Remember, the key to wearing leggings with ankle boots is to choose a pair that fits well and complements your personal style. By following these tips, you’ll be able to effortlessly rock this fashionable combination.

Selecting Ankle Boots that Complement Leggings

When it comes to pairing leggings with ankle boots, choosing the right style of boots is key to achieving a stylish look. Here are some tips on selecting ankle boots that will perfectly complement your leggings:

Leather or suede ankle boots add polish

For a chic and polished look, opt for ankle boots made of leather or suede. These materials add a touch of sophistication and can elevate your leggings outfit. Leather ankle boots are perfect for a more edgy and urban vibe, while suede ankle boots bring a softer and more feminine touch to your ensemble.

Block heels or low heels elongate legs

When wearing leggings with ankle boots, it’s important to consider the heel height. Block heels or low heels are great options as they help elongate the legs and provide a balanced look. These types of heels offer both comfort and style, making them perfect for everyday wear.

Whether you prefer a chunky block heel or a sleek low heel, both options will add a fashionable touch to your leggings outfit.

Boots hitting at the ankle are most flattering

When choosing ankle boots to wear with leggings, opt for boots that hit at the ankle or just slightly above. This length is the most flattering and creates a seamless transition between the leggings and the boots.

Ankle boots that hit at the perfect spot can visually elongate your legs and create a sleek and streamlined look. Avoid ankle boots that hit too high or too low, as they may disrupt the overall balance of your outfit.

By keeping these tips in mind, you can confidently pair your leggings with the right ankle boots and create a stylish and trendy look. Experiment with different styles and materials to find the perfect combination that suits your personal style and enhances your leggings outfit.

Tops that Balance Out the Leggings

When it comes to wearing leggings with ankle boots, finding the right top is key. The right top can help balance out the proportions and create a stylish look. Here are some tips on choosing tops that will complement your leggings:

Longer tops provide balance

Opt for longer tops that hit below the hips or mid-thigh. These tops create a visual balance with the fitted silhouette of the leggings. They also provide coverage and add an extra layer to your outfit. Longer tops can be a tunic, a long sweater, or a button-down shirt that can be left untucked.

This creates a chic and effortless look that is perfect for casual outings or even a night out.

Drapey, flowing fabrics disguise lumps/bumps

If you’re concerned about any lumps or bumps showing through your leggings, choose tops made from drapey and flowing fabrics. These fabrics tend to skim over the body, providing a more forgiving fit. Opt for tops made from materials like chiffon, silk, or rayon.

These fabrics not only create a flattering silhouette but also add an element of elegance to your overall look.

Oversized tops create proportion

Another option to consider is wearing oversized tops with leggings. This creates a fashionable and proportionate look. Oversized sweaters, shirts, or blouses can be paired with ankle boots and leggings for a cozy and on-trend outfit.

The oversized silhouette adds a touch of comfort and style, making it a great choice for those colder months.

Remember, the key is to find tops that balance out the fitted nature of leggings and create a cohesive outfit. Experiment with different lengths, fabrics, and styles to find what works best for your body shape and personal style.

With the right combination, you can achieve a stylish and confident look that pairs perfectly with ankle boots and leggings.

Optional Layers for a Complete Look

When it comes to wearing leggings with ankle boots, adding layers to your outfit can take your style game to the next level. Not only do layers provide extra warmth during colder months, but they also add depth and dimension to your overall look.

Here are some optional layers that you can incorporate into your outfit for a complete and stylish look:

Leather, Denim, or Wool Jackets

Nothing screams edgy and stylish like pairing your leggings and ankle boots with a leather, denim, or wool jacket. These jacket options not only add a touch of sophistication but also give your ensemble a cool and effortless vibe.

Whether you opt for a classic leather moto jacket, a trendy denim jacket, or a cozy wool coat, adding a jacket layer instantly elevates your outfit.

Long Cardigans or Dusters

If you’re looking for a more relaxed and cozy aesthetic, consider layering your leggings and ankle boots with a long cardigan or duster. These flowy and lightweight pieces not only provide warmth but also add a touch of elegance to your ensemble.

Whether you go for a chunky knit cardigan or a lightweight duster in a neutral or bold color, this layering option creates a stylish and effortless look.

Wrap Coats or Trench Coats

For those chilly days when you want to stay warm and look chic, wrapping yourself in a stylish coat is the way to go. Opt for a wrap coat or a trench coat to add a polished and sophisticated touch to your leggings and ankle boots combination.

These outerwear options not only provide warmth and protection from the elements but also create a sleek and put-together look.

Remember, the key to successfully layering your leggings with ankle boots is to choose pieces that complement each other and create a cohesive outfit. Experiment with different layering options and find what works best for your personal style. Happy styling!

Accessorizing for Added Interest

When it comes to wearing leggings with ankle boots, accessorizing can take your outfit to the next level. Adding the right accessories can enhance your overall look and make it more stylish and put-together.

Scarves complement the neckline

One way to accessorize while wearing leggings and ankle boots is to add a scarf. Scarves not only keep you warm, but they also add a touch of sophistication to your outfit. You can choose a scarf that complements the color of your leggings or opt for a bold pattern to make a statement.

By draping a scarf around your neck, you create a focal point that draws attention to your face and neckline.

Bold jewelry becomes a focal point

Another way to add interest to your leggings and ankle boots ensemble is by wearing bold jewelry. A statement necklace or a pair of eye-catching earrings can instantly elevate your look. Opt for chunky pieces or ones with intricate details to create a focal point that complements your outfit.

Remember, the key is to strike a balance between your leggings and ankle boots and your jewelry so that they don’t overpower each other.

Hats or beanies for cold weather

If you’re wearing leggings and ankle boots during the colder months, hats or beanies can be the perfect accessory. Not only do they keep your head warm, but they also add a stylish touch to your overall look.

You can choose a beanie in a bold color or opt for a hat with a wide brim for a more sophisticated vibe. Hats and beanies also provide an opportunity to play with different textures and materials, adding an extra layer of interest to your outfit.

When accessorizing with scarves, bold jewelry, or hats and beanies, remember to consider the overall aesthetic you want to achieve. Experiment with different combinations to find the perfect accessories that complement your leggings and ankle boots and reflect your personal style.


Leggings and ankle boots make for an effortlessly chic cold-weather ensemble with some smart styling. Choosing opaque leggings, ankle-height boots, and a long top provide a balanced silhouette. Adding layers like jackets or cardigans gives the outfit versatility for different temperatures.

Don’t forget statement accessories like scarves and jewelry to pull the look together. With the right pieces and a few styling tricks, you can nail the leggings-with-boots look for any occasion.

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