If you’re a basketball fan, you’ve likely noticed the massive hands and feet of Kawhi Leonard, NBA superstar and two-time Finals MVP. His freakish proportions are a huge asset on the court, allowing him to palm the ball with ease and cover ground quickly on defense.

But exactly how big are Kawhi’s feet? Let’s take a close look at Leonard’s shoe size and how it impacts his game.

Kawhi Leonard’s Actual Shoe Size

Kawhi wears a size 15 to 18 shoe depending on the brand

When it comes to shoe size, Kawhi Leonard stands out among his NBA peers. The superstar basketball player wears a shoe size ranging from 15 to 18, depending on the brand. This is significantly larger than the average shoe size for men, which is around 10.5.

Kawhi’s larger shoe size is not only a testament to his physical stature but also plays a role in his performance on the court.

His shoes are wider and longer than average to fit his feet

To accommodate Kawhi’s larger feet, his shoes are specially designed to be wider and longer than the average basketball shoe. This ensures a comfortable fit and allows him to move freely and quickly on the court without any restrictions.

The wider and longer design also provides him with the necessary stability and support needed to perform at the highest level during games.

He has one of the biggest shoe sizes in the NBA

Kawhi Leonard’s shoe size is among the largest in the NBA. While there are other players with big feet in the league, Kawhi’s shoe size is particularly noteworthy. His large shoe size not only makes finding the right footwear a challenge but also requires custom-made shoes to cater to his unique measurements.

Despite the challenges that come with having such a large shoe size, Kawhi has managed to find the perfect shoes that allow him to showcase his skills on the court.

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How Kawhi’s Large Feet Help His Game

Kawhi Leonard, the NBA superstar known for his incredible skills and dominance on the court, has some impressive physical attributes that contribute to his success. One of these attributes is his large feet, which play a crucial role in enhancing his game.

His big hands allow him to palm the ball with one hand

Aside from his feet, Kawhi Leonard also possesses remarkably large hands. This combination of big hands and feet gives him a significant advantage when it comes to handling the ball. With his ability to palm the ball with just one hand, Leonard can effortlessly control it and make precise passes or shots.

This advantage allows him to create scoring opportunities for himself and his teammates, making him a formidable force on the court.

His feet provide a stable base for driving/defending

Kawhi Leonard’s large feet provide him with a stable base, allowing him to maintain balance and control during intense drives to the basket or when defending against opponents. The stability provided by his feet helps him to change directions quickly, stay on his feet when faced with physical challenges, and maintain control over his movements.

This stability is crucial for maintaining control and executing powerful moves, making Leonard a force to be reckoned with on both ends of the court.

He can take longer strides and cover ground quickly

Another advantage of Kawhi Leonard’s large feet is that they allow him to take longer strides and cover ground quickly. This ability helps him to navigate the court swiftly, making him a threat in transition and enabling him to keep up with fast-paced plays.

With his impressive speed and agility, Leonard can outmaneuver opponents and make impactful plays on both offense and defense.

It’s important to note that while Kawhi Leonard’s large feet contribute to his success on the court, his skills, work ethic, and basketball IQ are also integral to his achievements. His combination of physical attributes and basketball prowess has made him one of the most dominant players in the NBA.

The Challenges of Finding Shoes in Size 18

For professional athletes like Kawhi Leonard, finding shoes that fit well and provide the necessary support can be a daunting task. This is especially true for individuals with larger feet, such as Kawhi, who wears a size 18 shoe.

Here, we take a detailed look at the challenges he faces when it comes to finding the right footwear.

Very limited selection in that size

One of the biggest challenges for Kawhi Leonard is the extremely limited selection of shoes available in his size. With size 18 being relatively uncommon, many shoe brands do not produce a wide range of options in this size.

This can greatly restrict the variety of styles and designs that Kawhi has to choose from, making it difficult for him to find the perfect pair of shoes for his game.

Often has to special order or custom make shoes

Due to the limited availability of shoes in his size, Kawhi Leonard often has to resort to special ordering or custom making his footwear. This process can be time-consuming and expensive, as it involves working closely with shoe manufacturers or designers to create a pair of shoes that meet his specific requirements.

While this allows Kawhi to have shoes that fit him perfectly, it also adds an extra layer of complexity to the already challenging task of finding suitable footwear.

Few brands produce performance shoes over size 15

Another challenge faced by Kawhi Leonard is that only a few brands produce performance shoes in sizes over 15. While there may be more options available in smaller sizes, finding high-quality, performance-oriented shoes in his size can be a struggle.

This limits the range of brands he can consider and puts additional pressure on the few brands that do cater to larger sizes to deliver on both style and functionality.

Kawhi’s Signature Shoes and PE Models

Kawhi Leonard, one of the NBA’s brightest stars, has made waves in the footwear industry with his signature shoes and player edition (PE) models. Let’s take a detailed look at the different brands and models that he has been associated with:

Currently endorsed by New Balance

Since 2018, Kawhi Leonard has been the face of New Balance Basketball. This partnership has resulted in the creation of his signature shoe line, the OMN1S. Known for its sleek design and performance features, the OMN1S has gained popularity among basketball enthusiasts.

The New Balance OMN1S offers a combination of style and functionality, making it a favorite among athletes. Kawhi’s involvement in the design process ensures that the shoes meet his specific needs on the court.

The OMN1S features innovative cushioning technology, providing excellent support and responsiveness during gameplay.

Wears custom wider models of the OMN1S

While Kawhi Leonard wears the standard OMN1S model on the court, he has also been seen sporting custom wider versions of the shoe. These wider models accommodate his unique foot shape and provide enhanced comfort and stability during games.

The custom wider models of the OMN1S are a testament to New Balance’s commitment to catering to the needs of their athletes. By offering personalized options, they ensure that players like Kawhi can perform at their best without compromising on fit or performance.

Also known for Jordan Brand PEs as a Raptor

Prior to joining New Balance, Kawhi Leonard had a partnership with the iconic Jordan Brand. During his time with the Toronto Raptors, he wore exclusive player edition (PE) models of Jordan Brand shoes.

These PEs featured unique colorways and design elements, tailored to reflect Kawhi’s connection to the Raptors and the city of Toronto.

The Jordan Brand PEs worn by Kawhi Leonard during his championship-winning season with the Raptors became highly sought-after by sneaker enthusiasts. The combination of his on-court performance and the limited availability of these PEs created a buzz in the sneaker community, making them highly coveted collectibles.

How Shoe Size Impacts Durability and Risk of Injury

When it comes to athletes like Kawhi Leonard, who put immense stress on their feet during games and practices, shoe size plays a crucial role in their overall performance, durability, and risk of injury. Let’s take a detailed look at how shoe size impacts these factors:

More force exerted with each step

With every step an athlete takes, a significant amount of force is exerted on their feet. When the shoe size is too small, this force gets concentrated on a smaller area, causing discomfort and potentially leading to blisters and calluses.

On the other hand, if the shoe size is too big, the foot may slide around inside the shoe, causing instability and increasing the risk of tripping or rolling an ankle.

According to a study conducted by the American Orthopaedic Foot & Ankle Society, ill-fitting shoes can increase the risk of foot and ankle injuries by 23%. Therefore, it is crucial for athletes like Kawhi Leonard to wear shoes that are the right size to ensure maximum comfort and reduce the risk of injury.

Increased stress on joints and ligaments

The size of a shoe also impacts the distribution of impact forces on the joints and ligaments. If the shoe is too small, it can cause excessive pressure on certain areas, leading to joint pain and potential long-term damage.

Conversely, if the shoe is too large, it may not provide adequate support, causing the foot to move in unnatural ways and putting extra strain on the joints and ligaments.

A study published in the Journal of Foot and Ankle Research found that wearing shoes that are too small or too big can increase the risk of developing foot and ankle conditions, such as plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendonitis.

These conditions can significantly affect an athlete’s performance and sideline them from the game.

Importance of proper support and stability

One of the key aspects of choosing the right shoe size is ensuring proper support and stability. Shoes that fit properly provide a snug fit and offer support to the arches and ankles, reducing the risk of overpronation or supination.

Overpronation occurs when the feet roll too far inward, while supination occurs when the feet roll too far outward. Both of these conditions can lead to imbalances and potentially result in injuries.

According to the American Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine, shoes that fit correctly and provide adequate support can improve an athlete’s balance, stability, and overall performance. They recommend getting professional fittings and considering factors like arch type and foot shape to ensure the right shoe size and proper support.

So, while shoe size may seem like a simple detail, it has a significant impact on an athlete’s durability, comfort, and risk of injury. Kawhi Leonard and other NBA superstars understand the importance of finding the right shoe size to enhance their performance and protect their feet from potential harm.


In the end, Kawhi Leonard’s massive size 18 feet have become an integral part of his dominance on the court. Though finding shoes and staying healthy present challenges, his rare physical proportions enable him to stand out as one of the NBA’s top two-way players.

So next time you watch Kawhi drive the lane or lock down an opponent, take a moment to appreciate the competitive edge those enormous feet provide him.

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