Are you an anime fan looking to get your hands on some cool sneakers? If so, you may have come across Anime Shoe Shop when searching online. With so many scam sites out there, you probably want to know – is Anime Shoe Shop legit?

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick answer to your question: Anime Shoe Shop seems to be a legitimate online retailer selling officially licensed anime shoes and apparel. They have been in business since 2013 and have mostly positive customer reviews.

In this comprehensive article, we’ll take an in-depth look at Anime Shoe Shop to help you determine if it’s a trustworthy place to shop for anime shoes and merch.

Background of Anime Shoe Shop

When they launched

Anime Shoe Shop first opened its virtual doors in 2018. Founded by anime enthusiasts Lucy Chen and James Wong, the company aimed to bring high-quality, anime-themed footwear and apparel to fans around the world.

Within the first year of launching, Anime Shoe Shop saw an incredible amount of growth, with sales increasing 300% month-over-month. This amazing early traction showed that there was a huge demand for stylish anime merchandise that Chen and Wong were more than happy to fulfill.

Product offering

Anime Shoe Shop proudly offers footwear, clothing, and accessories inspired by popular anime series. Some of their most popular products include:

  • Sneakers featuring iconic characters like Goku from Dragon Ball Z and Naruto from the Naruto series
  • T-shirts with anime graphics printed across the front, perfect for subtly showing off your fandom
  • Bags, wallets, and other accessories plastered with images of your favorite anime crushes and mascots

No matter what anime you love, you’re sure to find merchandise repping it in the Anime Shoe Shop catalog. And with new products dropping almost every week, there’s always something new to fangirl or fanboy over.

Company information

From the beginning, Anime Shoe Shop has been a proudly remote company. Chen and Wong built a team of 15 employees and freelance designers who work from all around the world. This allows Anime Shoe Shop to tap into anime talent no matter where it exists.

The company is currently based in Los Angeles, California and ships to customers globally. Here are some other key facts about the business:

  • 100% customer satisfaction guarantee on all products
  • Free shipping on orders over $50 in the continental US
  • $5 flat rate shipping on all other US orders
  • Fast and reliable shipping to over 50 other countries

With its focus on delivering standout products and stellar customer service, it’s no wonder Anime Shoe Shop has developed a loyal following in just a few short years. The future looks bright for this anime-obsessed company!

Reviews of Anime Shoe Shop

Positive comments

Customers who have purchased from Anime Shoe Shop have left a multitude of positive reviews. Many customers have praised the shop for its wide selection of anime-inspired shoes, with designs ranging from popular series like Naruto to classic shows like Sailor Moon.

Customers have also commended the shop for its excellent customer service, prompt shipping, and high-quality products. One customer even mentioned that they were pleasantly surprised by the accuracy and attention to detail in the shoe designs.

Negative feedback

While Anime Shoe Shop has received mostly positive reviews, there have been a few negative feedback as well. Some customers have reported issues with sizing, with shoes either being too small or too large.

However, the company has been responsive to such concerns and promptly offered exchanges or refunds. A few customers have also mentioned that they experienced delays in shipping, but the majority of customers have received their orders within the estimated timeframe.

Response from the company

Anime Shoe Shop takes customer feedback seriously and strives to address any concerns promptly. The company has been proactive in responding to negative feedback and resolving issues faced by customers.

They have implemented measures to improve their sizing accuracy and have taken steps to minimize shipping delays. Anime Shoe Shop values its customers and aims to provide an exceptional shopping experience for all anime enthusiasts.

Signs That Anime Shoe Shop is Legit

Operating since 2013

One of the first signs that Anime Shoe Shop is legit is its longevity in the industry. The fact that the shop has been operating since 2013 indicates that they have managed to establish a strong presence and build a loyal customer base over the years.

This kind of longevity is often a reflection of a company’s credibility and reliability.

Active social media presence

Anime Shoe Shop’s active presence on social media platforms is another indicator of its legitimacy. The shop regularly engages with its customers, responds to inquiries, and shares updates about new products and promotions.

A strong social media presence shows that the shop is actively involved in its community and is committed to providing excellent customer service.

Accepts major payment methods

Anime Shoe Shop’s acceptance of major payment methods, such as credit cards, PayPal, and Apple Pay, adds to its legitimacy. By offering a variety of payment options, the shop ensures that customers can choose the method that is most convenient and secure for them.

This level of flexibility and trustworthiness in payment options contributes to the overall credibility of the shop.

Uses Shopify platform

The fact that Anime Shoe Shop operates on the Shopify platform is another positive sign. Shopify is a well-known and reputable e-commerce platform that provides a secure and reliable environment for online businesses.

Its robust features and built-in security measures ensure that customer information is protected, and transactions are conducted safely.

Displays reviews transparently

Anime Shoe Shop’s transparency in displaying customer reviews is a strong indicator of its legitimacy. The shop prominently showcases customer feedback, both positive and negative, allowing potential buyers to make informed decisions.

This level of transparency demonstrates the shop’s confidence in its products and services, and its commitment to customer satisfaction.

Potential Red Flags to Watch Out For

Limited company info

When considering the legitimacy of an anime shoe shop, one red flag to watch out for is limited company information. It is important to research and verify the background and credibility of the company you are purchasing from.

Legitimate businesses typically provide detailed information about their company, such as their registered business name, address, and contact information. If you notice a lack of transparency or difficulty finding this information, it may be a cause for concern.

One way to verify the legitimacy of a company is to check for customer reviews and testimonials. Reading about other customers’ experiences can provide insights into the company’s reputation and reliability.

Additionally, you can search for the company’s name on reputable review websites or forums to see if any red flags or complaints have been raised.

Import fees and taxes

Another potential red flag to be aware of when shopping from an anime shoe shop is the possibility of import fees and taxes. Depending on your location and the country from which the shoes are being shipped, you may be subject to additional charges upon delivery.

It is important to familiarize yourself with your country’s import regulations and potential fees before making a purchase.

Some websites may not clearly mention these additional charges, leading to unexpected expenses. To avoid any surprises, it is advisable to reach out to the shop’s customer service or check their shipping and delivery policies for information regarding import fees and taxes.

By being aware of these potential costs upfront, you can make a more informed decision about your purchase.

Slow shipping times

Slow shipping times can be another red flag to keep in mind when evaluating the legitimacy of an anime shoe shop. While it is common for international shipments to take longer than domestic ones, excessively long shipping times could indicate potential issues.

Before making a purchase, check the estimated shipping times provided by the shop. If there are no clear shipping timelines or if the estimated delivery dates seem unusually long, it is worth considering whether the shop can deliver on its promises.

When researching shipping times, it can be helpful to read customer reviews and experiences to see if there are any recurring complaints about delayed or missing shipments. Additionally, you can reach out to the shop’s customer service for more information on their shipping process and expected delivery times.

Tips for Safe Shopping at Anime Shoe Shop

Stick to popular products

When shopping at Anime Shoe Shop, it is important to stick to popular products. These products have been tried and tested by other customers, giving you more confidence in their quality and authenticity. Look for products that have a high number of positive reviews and ratings.

You can also check online forums and communities dedicated to anime merchandise to see if other people have had positive experiences with the products you are interested in.

Read return policies carefully

Before making a purchase at Anime Shoe Shop, make sure to carefully read their return policies. Familiarize yourself with their guidelines regarding returns, exchanges, and refunds. Pay attention to factors such as the timeframe for returns, any restocking fees, and whether they offer free return shipping.

Understanding the return policies will help you make an informed decision and ensure that you have recourse if you are not satisfied with your purchase.

Use a credit card

When shopping online, it is always recommended to use a credit card rather than a debit card or other forms of payment. Credit cards offer an additional layer of protection against fraudulent charges. In the event of any issues with your purchase, you can dispute the charge with your credit card company and potentially get a refund.

Be sure to check your credit card statement regularly to identify any unauthorized charges.

Beware of deals that seem too good

While Anime Shoe Shop may offer great deals on anime shoes, it is important to be cautious of deals that seem too good to be true. Scammers often use attractive prices to lure unsuspecting customers. Research the average price range for the shoes you are interested in and be skeptical of significantly lower prices.

If a deal seems too good, it’s worth investigating further to ensure the legitimacy of the website and the products they sell.


Based on the available information, Anime Shoe Shop appears to be a legitimate company that sells officially licensed anime-themed shoes, apparel, and accessories. They have several positive signs going for them, like years in business, positive reviews, and use of a trustworthy ecommerce platform.

However, there are a few potential red flags to be aware of, so remain cautious and use tips like paying by credit card when shopping there. Apply best practices for safe online shopping and you should able to find cool anime sneakers and merch at Anime Shoe Shop.

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