Ankle boots and skinny jeans are wardrobe staples that never seem to go out of style. If you’re looking for a chic, put-together outfit for any occasion, pairing these two items is a foolproof option. But how exactly should you wear ankle boots with skinny jeans? What styles look best together?

Read on for a comprehensive guide to rocking this classic combination.

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick answer: The key is to balance proportions. Go for skinny jeans that hit at the ankle and ankle boots that don’t cut too high above the ankle. Aim for minimal bulk and smooth lines from head to toe.

Stick to dark washes for jeans and neutral boots to elongate your legs.

Consider Your Body Type

When it comes to wearing ankle boots with skinny jeans, it’s important to consider your body type. Different body types can benefit from different styling techniques to create a flattering and balanced look.


If you have a petite frame, you can still rock ankle boots with skinny jeans! Opt for ankle boots with a low heel or no heel at all to avoid overwhelming your smaller stature. This will help create the illusion of longer legs.

Additionally, consider tucking your skinny jeans into the ankle boots to show off more of your legs, making them appear longer.


Curvy individuals can also confidently wear ankle boots with skinny jeans. To flatter your curves, choose ankle boots that hit just at or slightly above the ankle. This will create a slimming effect and draw attention to your legs.

Pair your ankle boots with jeans that have a slight stretch for added comfort and to accentuate your curves in all the right places.


If you have a tall or athletic body type, ankle boots can add a stylish touch to your skinny jeans ensemble. Opt for ankle boots with a higher shaft height to balance out your longer legs. This will create a more proportionate and visually appealing look.

Experiment with different styles of ankle boots, such as chunky heels or pointed toes, to add some personality to your outfit.

Remember, these are just general guidelines and everyone’s body is unique. Feel free to experiment with different styles and find what works best for you. The most important thing is to wear what makes you feel confident and comfortable!

Choose the Right Jeans

When it comes to wearing ankle boots with skinny jeans, choosing the right pair of jeans is crucial. The right jeans can determine how well the boots will complement your overall look. Here are some tips to help you choose the right jeans:

Dark Wash

Opt for dark wash jeans when wearing them with ankle boots. Dark wash jeans create a sleek and polished look that pairs well with any type of ankle boot. The dark color provides a contrasting effect that helps draw attention to the boots.

It also creates a slimming effect, making your legs appear longer and leaner.

Ankle Length

Look for jeans that hit at or just above your ankles. Ankle length jeans are perfect for showcasing your ankle boots. They allow for a seamless transition from the jeans to the boots, creating a visually appealing and balanced look.

Avoid jeans that are too long or too short, as they can disrupt the overall proportions of your outfit.

Skinny Cut

Choose skinny cut jeans when wearing ankle boots. Skinny jeans are tapered and fitted, making them the ideal choice to pair with ankle boots. The slim silhouette of the jeans creates a streamlined look that complements the sleekness of the boots.

This combination enhances the overall appearance and adds a touch of modernity to your outfit.

Remember, the right jeans can make all the difference when it comes to wearing ankle boots with skinny jeans. By choosing dark wash jeans, opting for ankle length, and selecting a skinny cut, you’ll be able to create a stylish and cohesive look that showcases your ankle boots in the best possible way.

Pick Complementary Boots

When it comes to wearing ankle boots with skinny jeans, it’s important to choose boots that complement your outfit. Here are some key factors to consider:

Ankle Height

The height of the ankle boots can greatly impact the overall look. If you have shorter legs, opting for ankle boots with a lower height can help elongate your legs and create a more balanced silhouette.

On the other hand, if you have longer legs, you can experiment with ankle boots that have a higher shaft. It’s all about finding the right proportion for your body type.

Neutral Colors

Neutral-colored ankle boots are versatile and can easily be paired with different outfits. Black, brown, and gray are classic options that can seamlessly blend with a variety of colors and patterns. These neutral shades create a chic and timeless look, making them a great choice for incorporating ankle boots into your skinny jeans ensemble.

Minimal Decor

When it comes to styling ankle boots with skinny jeans, opting for boots with minimal decor can create a sleek and streamlined look. Avoid boots with excessive buckles, studs, or other embellishments as they can overwhelm the simplicity of the skinny jeans.

Instead, choose ankle boots with clean lines and minimal detailing to keep the focus on the jeans and create a cohesive outfit.

Remember, these are just guidelines, and personal style should always be a priority. Experiment with different styles, colors, and heights to find what suits you best. Ultimately, the most important thing is to feel confident and comfortable in what you’re wearing.

Accessorize Thoughtfully

When wearing ankle boots with skinny jeans, it’s important to accessorize thoughtfully to complete your overall look. Accessories can add an extra touch of style and personality to your outfit. Here are a few tips to help you accessorize your ankle boots and skinny jeans:

Elongating Layers

Layering is a great way to add depth and dimension to your outfit. When wearing ankle boots with skinny jeans, try layering with long cardigans, dusters, or oversized sweaters. These elongating layers can create a flattering silhouette and give the illusion of longer legs.

Additionally, pairing your ankle boots with a long coat or trench coat can add a touch of sophistication to your look.

Streamlined Handbag

Choosing the right handbag is essential when styling ankle boots with skinny jeans. Opt for a streamlined handbag that complements the overall look. A crossbody bag or a structured tote can be great options. Avoid oversized or bulky bags that may overwhelm your outfit.

Instead, go for a bag that is proportional to your frame and adds a polished finish to your ensemble.

Neutral Tone Jewelry

Jewelry can be the perfect finishing touch to your ankle boots and skinny jeans combination. When it comes to jewelry, opt for neutral tones that blend well with your outfit. Delicate gold or silver necklaces, hoop earrings, or stackable rings can add a subtle sparkle without overpowering your look.

Remember, less is often more when it comes to accessorizing, so choose a few key pieces that enhance your overall style.

Remember, the key to accessorizing thoughtfully when wearing ankle boots with skinny jeans is to keep it balanced and cohesive. Consider the overall color palette, the style of your ankle boots, and the occasion for which you are dressing.

By following these tips, you’ll be able to create a stylish and well-put-together outfit that showcases your personal style and makes a fashionable statement.

Hairstyle and Makeup Tips

Neat Updo

When it comes to pairing ankle boots with skinny jeans, a neat updo can be the perfect hairstyle to complement your overall look. By pulling your hair back, you create a sleek and polished appearance that allows the focus to be on your outfit and boots.

A classic bun or a chic ponytail can both work well with this combination.

For an added touch of elegance, you can accessorize your updo with a stylish hairpin or a headband that matches your boots. This will create a cohesive and put-together look that will make heads turn.

Soft Makeup Look

A soft and natural makeup look is an ideal choice to pair with ankle boots and skinny jeans. This understated approach will enhance your features without overpowering your overall ensemble.

Start by prepping your skin with a moisturizer and a primer to create a smooth canvas. Then, opt for a lightweight foundation or a tinted moisturizer to even out your skin tone. Follow this with a touch of blush to add a subtle flush of color to your cheeks.

For the eyes, keep it simple with neutral eyeshadows and a coat or two of mascara to define your lashes. If you want to add a bit of drama, you can apply a thin line of eyeliner along the upper lash line. Finish off the look with a nude or a light pink lipstick to complete the soft and natural vibe.

Remember, the goal is to highlight your ankle boots and skinny jeans, so keeping the hairstyle and makeup understated will allow them to take center stage. With these hairstyle and makeup tips, you’ll be ready to rock your ankle boots with confidence and style!


Ankle boots and skinny jeans will never go out of style. By following the tips above for balancing proportions, choosing flattering cuts and colors, and accessorizing cleanly, you can easily nail this iconic look. Focus on creating a streamlined silhouette from head to toe.

With the right pairings, you’ll look long, lean, and effortlessly chic.

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