The European Golden Boot is one of the most prestigious individual awards in football. It is awarded each season to the top goalscorer in league matches from the top division of every European national league.

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick answer to your question: Lionel Messi has won the European Golden Boot a record 7 times.

In this comprehensive guide, we will look back at Messi’s illustrious career and detail each of his European Golden Boot wins. We will analyze his goal tallies, competitors and the significance of each victory.

By the end, you will have a complete understanding of Messi’s dominance in this award over the years.

Messi’s First European Golden Boots

Lionel Messi, widely regarded as one of the greatest footballers of all time, has achieved numerous accolades throughout his career. Among his many accomplishments, one stands out – his collection of European Golden Boots.

These prestigious awards are given to the top goal scorer in European leagues each season, and Messi has made history by winning them multiple times. Let’s take a look at some of the standout moments from Messi’s first European Golden Boots.

2004-05 Season – First Golden Boot

It all started in the 2004-05 season when Messi won his first European Golden Boot. At the young age of 17, Messi was already making waves in the footballing world. Playing for Barcelona’s youth academy, La Masia, he showcased his incredible talent by scoring an impressive 34 goals in the season.

His remarkable goal-scoring ability not only earned him the Golden Boot but also caught the attention of football fans worldwide.

2009-10 Season – First Hat-Trick

Fast forward to the 2009-10 season, and Messi continued to establish himself as a force to be reckoned with. This was the season that witnessed his first hat-trick in La Liga, further solidifying his status as a prolific goal scorer.

With an astonishing 34 goals in just 35 appearances, Messi claimed his second European Golden Boot. His ability to find the back of the net with ease and precision was unmatched, making him a nightmare for opposing defenders.

2011-12 Season – All-Time La Liga Scoring Record

While winning European Golden Boots had become somewhat of a routine for Messi, the 2011-12 season was particularly notable. Not only did he secure his third Golden Boot, but he also broke the all-time La Liga scoring record.

With an incredible 50 goals in 37 appearances, Messi surpassed the previous record set by legendary striker Telmo Zarra. This achievement further solidified his status as one of the greatest goal scorers in football history.

Throughout his career, Messi has continued to amaze fans with his goal-scoring prowess, winning an impressive number of European Golden Boots. These awards serve as a testament to his incredible talent, dedication, and hard work.

As Messi continues to grace the football pitch, fans eagerly await to see how many more Golden Boots he will add to his collection.

Four In A Row

Lionel Messi, the Argentine football superstar, has had an illustrious career filled with numerous accolades. One of his most impressive achievements is winning the prestigious European Golden Boot award not just once, but an incredible four times in a row.

Let’s take a closer look at each of these remarkable seasons.

2012-13 Season – Goals Galore

The 2012-13 season was a truly remarkable one for Lionel Messi. He scored an astonishing 46 goals in La Liga, leading Barcelona to another league title. With this exceptional goal-scoring prowess, he claimed his first European Golden Boot.

Messi’s ability to find the back of the net with such consistency was truly awe-inspiring, and it set the stage for what was to come.

2013-14 Season – Injury Troubles

The following season, Messi faced some injury troubles that limited his playing time. Despite this setback, he managed to score 28 goals in just 31 appearances in La Liga. This impressive goal-scoring record was enough to secure his second consecutive European Golden Boot.

It was a testament to his skill and determination, as he overcame adversity to achieve greatness once again.

2014-15 Season – Ronaldo Rivalry

The 2014-15 season marked an intense rivalry between Messi and his Real Madrid counterpart, Cristiano Ronaldo. Both players were at the peak of their powers and were pushing each other to new heights. Messi responded to the challenge by scoring a remarkable 43 goals in La Liga, earning him his third European Golden Boot.

The competition between these two legendary players was a joy for football fans around the world.

2015-16 Season – Five Ballon d’Ors

The 2015-16 season was a historic one for Lionel Messi. Not only did he win his fourth consecutive European Golden Boot by scoring 37 goals in La Liga, but he also went on to claim his fifth Ballon d’Or award. This remarkable feat solidified his status as one of the greatest footballers of all time.

Messi’s ability to consistently perform at such a high level year after year is truly awe-inspiring.

Late Career Victories

2016-17 Season – Back On Top

In the 2016-17 season, Lionel Messi once again proved why he is considered one of the greatest footballers of all time. After facing some tough competition from other talented players, Messi emerged as the winner of the European Golden Boot.

This prestigious award is given to the top goal scorer in all European leagues, with each goal being weighted based on the difficulty of the league.

Messi’s incredible performance throughout the season saw him net an impressive 37 goals in La Liga. His ability to find the back of the net with ease and his exceptional skills on the field earned him his fourth European Golden Boot.

This achievement showcased Messi’s consistency and determination to remain at the top of his game, even in the later stages of his career.

2018-19 Season – Record Sixth Golden Boot

The 2018-19 season was a historic one for Lionel Messi as he secured his record-breaking sixth European Golden Boot. This remarkable feat solidified his status as the most successful player in the history of the award.

Messi’s performance throughout the season was nothing short of exceptional, as he scored an astonishing 36 goals in La Liga.

With this achievement, Messi surpassed legendary players such as Cristiano Ronaldo and Gerd Muller, who had both won the award on five occasions. The record-breaking sixth Golden Boot was a testament to Messi’s talent, dedication, and unparalleled goal-scoring ability.

It also highlighted his ability to adapt and evolve his game as he continued to dominate the world of football.

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Messi’s Golden Boot Legacy

Lionel Messi, the legendary Argentine forward, has cemented his status as one of the greatest football players of all time. One of the many accolades that highlights his extraordinary career is the European Golden Boot.

This prestigious award is given to the top goal scorer in European leagues each season. Messi’s record in this category is truly remarkable.

Comparing to Ronaldo and Other Legends

When it comes to the European Golden Boot, Messi stands head and shoulders above his peers. With a staggering seven wins, he has surpassed every other player in history. His closest rival, Cristiano Ronaldo, has won the award four times.

This stark difference showcases Messi’s exceptional goal-scoring abilities and consistency throughout his career. Other legendary players like Gerd Muller and Eusebio have won the Golden Boot twice, further highlighting Messi’s dominance in this category.

It is also worth mentioning that Messi’s Golden Boot achievements are not limited to a specific league. He has won the award in both La Liga and the Premier League, demonstrating his versatility and adaptability as a player.

Significance of 7 Wins

Winning the European Golden Boot once is a remarkable feat, but to do it seven times is truly extraordinary. Messi’s seven wins highlight his longevity at the top level of the game and his consistent goal-scoring prowess.

It is a testament to his dedication, skill, and ability to maintain his high performance year after year.

Not only has Messi won the award multiple times, but he has also done so with significant goal margins. In some seasons, he has outscored his closest competitors by a wide margin, further emphasizing his dominance in front of the goal.

This incredible achievement has solidified Messi’s status as an icon in the world of football. It showcases his exceptional talent and makes a strong case for him being considered the greatest player of all time.

Can the Record be Broken?

Breaking Messi’s record of seven European Golden Boots will be a challenging task for any player. However, football is a constantly evolving sport, and records are meant to be broken. While it may seem unlikely in the near future, there are certainly players who have the potential to challenge Messi’s record.

One player who comes to mind is Kylian MbappĂ©. The young French forward has already shown immense talent and has the potential to become one of the best players in the world. If he continues on his current trajectory, he could challenge Messi’s record in the coming years.

It is important to remember that records are not set in stone, and the beauty of football lies in its unpredictability. Whether or not Messi’s record is broken, his legacy as one of the greatest goal scorers of all time will continue to inspire generations to come.


In conclusion, Lionel Messi’s seven European Golden Boots underlines his status as one of the greatest goalscorers the sport has ever seen. His duels with Cristiano Ronaldo took the award to new heights, as both pushed each other to new scoring records season after season.

At 35 years of age, Messi’s Golden Boot tally seems unlikely to be surpassed. It is a record that exemplifies his consistency, longevity and enduring brilliance in front of goal.

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