Your Perfect Shoes in the Perfect Heel Height!

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Finding that perfect pair of shoes is difficult enough, and then when you do, the heel height is just not right. That is one of the reasons Milk & Honey Shoes came to be. Now you can design your own shoes in the style you want and then choose the heel height that works for you! And many times you need shoes in a variety of heel heights for different reasons (clearly you need lots of shoes for MANY reasons, most women do!) You might want some comfortable flats for the weekend, some mid heels for work and some high heels for when you want to go out and look and feel great! With Milk & Honey Shoes you can create your perfect shoes in all of those heel heights.

red riding hood pointed toe flatSome of us are on the taller side and since we don't want to tower over the general population, we prefer flats and low heels. Shoes with those heel heights can be very hard to find in styles you think are cute if you are under the age of 70! And just because you don't want to teeter around in super high heels, doesn't mean you shouldn't be able to look just as cute as everyone else. Now you can create your perfect pair of shoes in flats, 1.5 inch skinny heels, 2 inch skinny heels, 2 inch chunky heels, 1 inch wedges and 2 inch wedges. 



red riding hood wedge shoeOthers of us like a bit more height, but don't want to be quite so tall or we just aren't comfortable in super high heels. For those who fall in that category, we have 2.5 inch skinny heels, 3 inch skinny heels, 3.5 inch skinny heels, 3.5 inch skinny heels with .5 inch platforms, 3 inch chunky heels 3 inch wedges and 3 inch wedges with .5 inch platforms. Finally a mid heel height that you can customize to your style and in that color you've been looking for for ages! 


red riding hood platform pumpAnd still others of us are either on the shorter side or just love to rock high heels, more power to you! Why shouldn't you be at least as tall as you boyfriend if not taller?! Ok, or maybe just not be a whole foot shorter than him. For you we have 4 inch skinny heels, 4 inch skinny heels with .5 inch platforms, 4.5 inch skinny heels with 1 inch platforms, 5 inch skinny heels with .5 inch platforms, 4 inch chunky heels, 4 inch wedges and 4 inch wedges with 1 inch
platforms.  So many choices, how will you customize just one?




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